Terry Crews launches Cryptocurrency

Actor Terry Crews has added his name into the cryptocurrency space by launching his own currency, which is called $POWER, via the Roll platform. Roll is a blockchain based crediting system, whereby people such as Terry Crews can issue units of their own currency to fans. “If I give you $POWER, you own a piece of me”, said Crews.

Crews, speaking to TechCrunch, said that he would like the community around his currency “to become this thing that this community can live and exist in”. Crews noted that the community could lead to a micro-loan service for creatives.

The Roll platform aims to give creators the power to “own, control and monetize the value of their social interactions across all platforms”. The blockchain-as-a-service platform issues their customers with a custom blockchained backed cryptocurrency.

Crews is envisioning offering of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via $POWER, as well as other products and “experiences”. Currently the currency gives access to Crews’s Discord channel.