Two UK ISPs Trial Internet Spying System

Two unnamed ISPs are reported to be trialling a new internet snooping system at the request of the UK Home Office and the National Crime Agency (NCA)

The IPAct prohibits ISPs from talking about many of this, making it difficult to verify details (it is also difficult for ISPs to share experiences when developing good practices for the code), but a new article on Wired provided the first useful update on this work in recent years and confirms that two ISPs are helping to develop the system (BT seems to be a just bet to be one of those, but this is not confirmed).

The act introduced a new power that, among other things, could force ISPs-to be ordered to do so by a superior judge-to record Internet connection records (CIs) of all their customers for a maximum period of 12 months (for example, the IP addresses of the servers you visited and when), which can be consulted without a warrant and occur regardless of whether you are suspected of a crime or not.