Plusnet Internet outage due to faulty DNS

Many UK workers awoke Friday morning to find that their Plusnet internet connections are not functioning.

Internet service provider Plusnet is suffering from an outage this morning as its DNS servers appear to be down. While customers are technically connected to the internet, their connections are not particularly useful as they can’t be used to browse the web.

Using alternative DNS servers, such as Cloudflare’s or Google’s will resolve the issue. However, as many UK workers are working from home using company issued laptops, a large number of people will be locked out of the network administration settings necessary to switch DNS servers within Windows

Though the issue has been noticed since early morning, at 9:20, Plusnet is yet to acknowledge any problems or issue any statement on the matter. Plusnet’s status page currently reports that there are no “open events”.

Some Plusnet customers on Twitter are saying that they have spent over an hour trying to phone Plusnet’s customer services helpline, and are advising others not to bother.

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