Devvjob is a search engine for software developer vacancies in the UK.

Asgaard Software created Devvjob for an entrepreneurial client. The client's circumstances were unusual; an individual with experience of the recruitment industry wished to use his domain knowledge of tech recruitment to establish his own independent recruitment property.

The client's vision was to create a job search engine to aggregate the many thousands of IT job adverts that exist online at any time, and give priority to the most relevant to particular users. The brief was to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to achieve this. We suggested narrowing the scope to focus on software development opportunities, and to analyse the listings to better understand their content, allowing the search engine to tailor relevancy scores and thereby giving it a unique selling point.

Project Architecture

The client's background and interests added some constraints. The client wanted to explore this as a side project, with minimal ongoing costs.

To meet this constraint, we structured the project a little unusually. The web side is deployed to cheap shared hosting, and runs a very light RESTful API on top of a live database of job listings.

A large part of the project is offline. A crawler aggregates listings it finds online, in much the same way that Google or Bing crawl the web to discover content. The crawler puts its content into an offline database, and the listings are analysed using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. When they have been analysed, they are synchronised to the online database. The synchronisation is tightly optimised to push large numbers of records in batches.

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