About Asgaard

Asgaard Software is a software development provider based in Birmingham, UK.

We develop bespoke, custom software, catered for your needs. We specialise in web and mobile apps, with many projects comprising a front-end web or mobile app backed by a web based management system.

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Our Work

Here are a few examples of the kinds of things we can do.

  • Devvjob

    Devvjob is a recruitment platform and job vacancy search engine.

    Devvjob uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse and understand job listings, thereby allowing stronger automatic matching of vacancies to candidates.

    Devvjob comprises three parts:

    1. An offline crawler, where the NLP and AI happens,
    2. an online database and web API, providing real time search results, and
    3. a fast and responsive single-page-application front end.

  • Asgaard Easy Voice

    Asgaard Easy Voice is a sound recording app, with automatic sync of recorded files to Google Drive.

    Record your thoughts, ideas and meetingsEnjoy a modern, dark mode user interfaceListen to, manage and share your recordings
  • Breathe


    Breathe: Calm is a relaxation app, to help you relax through guided breathing exercises

  • Wellburrito

    Wellburrito is a wellbeing companion app.