Custom Software Development

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Based in Birmingham, providing custom Software Development services, Asgaard Software specialises in what's often referred to as 'full-stack' development. What does that mean? It means we do it all. From public facing websites, to private applications, to mobile apps, we can handle it.

Asgaard Software is 100% based in the UK 🇬🇧. Some software developers will maintain an office in the UK but sub-contract the development of their projects to other countries, leaving a mismatch between the prices you pay and the quality of the software you receive. Asgaard Software's work is created completely in the UK.

Our products

Asgaard is excited to offer some products to the public, for free


SolverCS is a crossword companion app, helping you to solve missing letters and anagram clues, as well as providing definitions for those archiac words that you're not quite sure fit.



Coming very soon, Wellburrito is a wellbeing companion app to help you keep track of your mental health. Wellburrito provides:

  • Mood tracking and journaling with reporting and trends
  • A CBT inspired process to record, analyse and challenge your negative thoughts and promote mindful awareness
  • Relaxation techniques, including guided breathing exercises and a meditation timer
  • Medication reminders

Look out for Wellburrito very soon!