LastPass’ free tier restricts users to either PC or mobile

Password management software LastPass will be adding new restrictions to its free offering.

After 16th March, users of its free service will only be able to use the password manager on either a mobile device or a computer. When logging in for the first time after 16th March, users will have to choose which category of device they want to use LastPass on. They will be able to switch categories only three times afterwards.

Although users will be unable to manage their passwords on different categories on devices, they will be able to use an unlimited number of devices within that category.

Other password managers include Keepass, which is 100% free and open source, but is completey offline, and Bitwarden, which is also open source, but can be used as either a paid online service, or self hosted.

The Verge is reporting that LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month in light of these new restrictions.