Google issues fix for Android app crashes

Google solved a problem that meant that Android phone apps were crashing for many users.

The problem was caused by a system update that allows applications to view web content.It seems that an update of the Android System View system, which allows Android apps to view web content, was to blame.

“We’ve solved the problem with WebView that caused some Android apps to crash for some users. The update of Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play should now solve the problem,” a Google spokesman told the BBC.

To update it, users must: navigate to the Add Play Store page for Android System WebView, select the option “Update” option, and repeat these steps for Google Chrome.

Social media has been full of reports on applications crashing, and DownDetector, a web site that measures outages, has shown an increase in the problems for Gmail and Amazon.

Google has told users to update their Android WebView and Google Chrome browser.