Apple fined for not including charger with iPhone 12

The Brazilian consumer protection regulator, based in São Paulo, has condemned Apple for not including a charger in the iPhone 12 box. Last October, the consumer regulator questioned the company on this issue and, in November, the agency reported that the iPhone maker “had not shown any environmental gain”.

Procon-SP, the Brazilian consumer protection regulator based in São Paulo, imposed a fine on Apple on Friday for not including a charger in the iPhone 12.

Now, Procon says that Apple did not respond when asked if the price of the iPhone 12 was reduced after removing the charger, what is the price of the iPhone with and without the charger, and if it has reduced the number of chargers produced.

Apart from the removal of the charger on the iPhone 12 and the new iPhones marketed, Procon-SP points to other problems with Apple, such as: misleading advertising: iPhone 11 Pro consumers have reported that Apple has not repaired their phones after water problems.

While the iPhone 12 mini costs $729 in the United States, in Brazil, the same phone is about $1,200.