Using Wellburrito on a different phone/tablet

This article explains how to move Wellburrito to a different phone.

It’s important to understand that Wellburrito stores data entirely on your own device. Most apps do not work like this. Instead, most apps use a server, and store data remotely in a database on that server. This means that your data is more private secure. You don’t have to worry that our server will be hacked or that we will sell our database to advertisers.

But it does mean that you should only use Wellburrito on one device at once.

If you want to start using a different device, you will need to back up your data from your old device and restore it onto your new device.

Google Drive backups

We highly recommend you enable Google Drive backup to keep your data safe in the event your device is lost or stops working.

Wellburrito can back up your data automatically to your Google Drive account. This is very easy to set up! Go to Settings Backup and restore, where you can enable Google Drive backups.

If enabled, Wellburrito will back your data daily (if it has changed) to Google Drive, keeping the 5 most recent backups.

From this page, you can trigger a backup right now, or restore one of the backups shown in the list.

When you first run Wellburrito on your new device, you will be prompted to enable Google Drive backups. If you say yes, Wellburrito will automatically restore the most recent backup. You can always do this later from Settings Backup and restore.

This is the most convenient method to change devices.

Manual Exports and Imports

You can create manual backups from Settings Backup and restore.

Running a manual export will create a zip file which you can save or send to yourself. Then, you can import this file on your new device.


If you need further help with backups, please contact our support.