Asgaard Easy Voice

Asgaard Easy Voice is a simple and free voice recording app for Android.

Record your thoughts, ideas and meetingsEnjoy a modern, dark mode user interfaceListen to, manage and share your recordings

Easy Voice was created to make everyday recording simple. Most voice recorders on the market let you record audio, but often the phone's role is just to provide a microphone. The phone itself is not really a reliable long term store of information, so after the recording is complete, users need a way to manage and move those recordings to somewhere more appropriate.

Plugging the phone into a PC and locating the recording files is a lot of hassle, and dare we say, a bit old fashioned. Easy Voice automatically uploads its recordings to the user's Google Drive account. Why Google Drive? Because every user installing the app through Google Play already has a Google Drive account.

Once it's in Google Drive, users can listen to the recordings in their browser, sort them into appropriate locations and download the raw file.

Easy Voice is designed to make the workflow of recording and managing audio files as simple as possible.

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